A direct blast of raw energy that’s as infectious as it is heartfelt.
Originally from Torbay, South Devon, the band’s instantly recognizable sound has captivated audiences across the UK.

Recently their new single Fallout was played on the BAFTA award-winning reality TV series ‘Made in Chelsea’ and received huge support on national radio stations.

They’ve also played live shows with the likes of; Razorlight, Scouting For Girls, Top loader and The Darkness to name a few.

“These young lads take command of the stage like they’ve been doing it for years and have the audience eating out of the palm of their hand.”
- Down The Front Media

“Their songs are heartfelt and their live performance is raw and passionate”.

- Stitched Sound

The Best bands in the world have both an intrinsic bond that binds them together, and a natural flair that instantly wins over hearts and minds, that’s exactly what you get in
The Kaizens.


Tom Bushin - Vocals/Guitar/Piano

Josh May - Guitar

Ryan Wighton - Drums

Sam Swann - Bass