Cult of Super Ted.

The first time I saw The Kaizens was at the Totnes show last year, it was raining, cold and a hand full of people looking on. They took that stage as if it was The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival (official)Festival! By the end of the set there was a very healthy crowd looking on. I Was so impressed. I've so much time for these lads, professional, friendly, approachable and just oozing talent with a stage presence that just makes you bounce. Always pull in a big crowd with a very big and loyal following. Lucky enough to introduce them at Glas-Denbury Music & Arts Festival on the BBC introducing stage this year and the mainstage at Langaland - Annual Music Festival. #BRILLIANT 


Stitched Sound.

"Next up were four-piece indie-rock band The Kaizens from Devon. Like Liberty Lies before them, The Kaizens were a band I had never seen before but I was instantly captivated by their sound. Their songs were heartfelt and their live performance was raw and passionate, and it would have been hard not to bop your head to their brilliant tunes. The Kaizens ended their set with fan-favourite “Whiskey & Wine” from their most recent EP of the same name, and it was great to see people dancing around the room, which got everyone dancing along. Tom’s vocals perfectly matched the band’s indie sound, which I think would appeal to a wide range of music fans"


Down the front media.

Next to hit the stage it’s THE KAIZENS, from Torbay. With their energetic brand of indie rock, the foursome bounce around the small Cavern stage as vocalist/guitarist Tom Bushin encourages the audience to “move closer to the stage and have a little dance”, which is exactly what they do.

Effortlessly playing songs from their debut self-titled and sophomore EP ‘Whiskey & Wine’, the band are a tight unit, the crowd needing no coaxing to join in on ‘My Love’ and are captivated by the performance of new single ‘You’. For the last track of their set, the band are joined on stage by Will Alford (vocalist) from Witterquick, which goes down a storm with the crowd! These young lads take command of the stage like they’ve been doing it for years and have the audience eating out of the palm of their hand. I’m looking forward to catching The Kaizens again soon.

Andrea Madden.(Music Supervisor for Made in Chelsea)

Excited to hear more from The Kaizens, the single Fallout is a pretty epic start!